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    There are two species of squirrel in the UK – the Red and the Grey. The Grey Squirrel isn’t native, and was introduced between 1876 and 1929.

    They are extremely successful and have replaced our native red squirrels over most of the UK.

    We can provide assistance with Grey Squirrels. Please contact us by phone or email.


    The fox is a remarkably adaptable and successful animal found, where food is plentiful, in almost every habitat. It is a success because it is willing to eat almost anything and has become particularly adept at surviving alongside man in farmland and urban areas.

    We have many ways in dealing with this animal urban and countryside.


    Moles are small, destructive burrowing creatures about five to eight inches long.They are insectivores. These small mammals spend their entire lives below the surface of the ground.

    Moles can cause great nuisance and a anoyance to the person libving along side them. They can cause great damage to your garden/field, bowling greens. Foundations can become damaged and unsettled. Live stock can be injured, from the holes in the ground.

    We have many methods of Mole control, most common are gassing and trapping.


    Rabbits can be a real nuciance to agriculture and even your own garden, large populations can devistate crops and local produce. We have many solutions to deal with rabbits, shooting, trapping, proofing(fencing) and even gassing(Aliminium phosphide). Please call us to discuss further your issues at hand.