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    Five top tips on preventing rodents entering your home

    1.Food, Keep food in a sealed container, this will be one of the main reason of encouragement for a rodent to enter your premises, keep it sealed and keep the food source of the floor. Pets food should be removed at night and not left out.

    2.  Perimeter of building, Check your house perimeter. Start low down and check the air bricks if you have them, a mouse can gain entry this way into the sub floor and then it will follow the pipework to other areas of the house. Generally a mouse can fit threw any gaps the width of a standard  pencil and greater. Utility pipes should be checked and the gaps around them sealed using something like  steel plate or steel wool. Expansion foam does not work. . Check all walls, windows, doors, eaves and drains for possible gaps.

    3. Garden, Keep your garden tidy. Remove any harbourage areas. Tires, appliances, pallets, manure piles.  Keep all wood piles away from the house. Do not store or lean anything against your property walls this gives cover from natural predators ie raptors and provides cover for rodents gaining entry to your property. Bird feeders and loose food will attract rodents. Try to use hanging bird feeders so to make it more difficult for access and less spillage onto the ground.

    4.Climbing plants, Plants on the building walls or overhanging tress can allow access into roof spaces. Keep these trimmed back.

    5. Garage, Check your garage doors have bristle strips installed to the lower part of the door to deter entry into your garage, check pipework leading into your home from the garage ie hot water pipes.







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