Large scale bird netting, Peter Vardy car dealership. Dundee, Scotland: Large scale bird net and bird control. Pest control Dundee
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    Bird netting


    Global pest control have completed another large scale bird netting program for the prestigious car dealership Peter Vardy.

    Gulls have been roosting on the roof of the building and fowling the solar panels and down the edge of the building. The build up of guano was also leading to the downpipes and the integral drainage systems to become blocked and allowing water to overflow into the main dealership.

    We have loved providing a solution for Peter Vardy and his excellent new Dundee showroom and are looking forward to working alongside for future projects.

    Dimension of the roof are roughly 6500 square meters, not a small project top undertake but finished on time and within budget.

    Anti seagull spikes have also been fitted to the perimeter of the roof for extra protection.

    Global pest control providing bird netting through out Scotland.

    For Bird netting, Bird control in Scotland please contact us direct.

    Pest control services offered in Dundee, Edinburgh, Perth, Fife, Aberdeenshire, Angus, Glasgow.




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