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    Bird Guano Removal Dundee, Scotland


    Global pest control recently took on a large scale pigeon guano removal job in Dundee A large block of luxury flats. Residents have been plague for years with droppings falling onto the side of the building pathways windows and noise.

    Disease and destruction of property

    The pigeon guano  carries numerous diseases that could affect public health. (Salmonella psittacosis) to name a few, it is also very acidic and can damaged structures if left un treated. The guano itself is treated with a specialist biocide to decontaminate it and make it fairly safe to work around although full ppe is adhered too. If birds nest are left untouched this could lead to secondary infestation of insects gaining entry into a property.


    The roof was then  cleaned with a power washer, scrubbed and check over for damage. Guano was shovel and put into separate bags and disposed of. The gutters were then cleaned and the down pipes also got rodded to remove any debris that may be blocking them.

    specialist lifting equipment was needed for the job so a spider lift was rented and provided the staff with the access.


    forthcoming work to be completed.

    Global pest control are now in the planning stage of Netting of the roof area to restrict the harbourage and roosting grounds of the Feral pigeons. Humane pest control

    Contact us for support.

    Global pest control can provide pigeon guano removal in Edinburgh, Glasgow, Dundee, Fife, Angus, Perth, Stirling. Aberdeen. Please don’t hesitate to call for a free survey. We also have many solutions for bird proofing with the use of nets, non harmful spikes, wire systems to name a few.

    Here is a link to the hse website for information regarding bird droppings and disease in the work place.


    Here is a few action shots of the staff hard at work.




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