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    Rat pest control Montrose

    Global pest control attended a call out for a rodent a problem in Montrose yesterday 28/2/2019.  A full site survey was carried out. We found old mice boxes had been gnawed on and found a food source of old apples in the garage with what appeared to be rat teeth mark. Further investigation led our…

    Bird netting Seafront apartments. Feral Pigeons.

    Bird netting! feral pigeons. Global pest control has begun work on the new tower block at Milton mill, luxury seafront apartments for H&H properties. Anti pigeon netting has been  fitted using stainless steel fixings and fittings threw out. A unique design has been used as to not penetrate the sarnafil roof and invalidate any warranty’s being held…

    Large scale bird netting, Peter Vardy car dealership. Dundee, Scotland

    Bird netting   Global pest control have completed another large scale bird netting program for the prestigious car dealership Peter Vardy. Gulls have been roosting on the roof of the building and fowling the solar panels and down the edge of the building. The build up of guano was also leading to the downpipes and…