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    Watch out for wasps

    Watch out for wasps

    Five signs of mice in your attic space

    Five Signs of Mice in your attic “Wee jemmy” Rodent holes, in the attic space(Insulation) you  can often see signs of  infestation,  look for small entry holes rounded in shape  in the insulation. the size of hole’s vary but roughly  about 2″ diameter  (Pictures below at the end of the page) Droppings, Mice droppings are…

    Ant pest control

    Keep lids on tight and product of the side of your jars or you might get a visit. Jar of honey being enjoyed by “lasius niger” The black garden ant. If you have ants in your home 9/10 you can follow them back to a food source. Remove the food source and that is a…